Window mosquito nets specifically designed for doors are often referred to as door screens or door mesh. These screens are intended to keep insects, especially mosquitoes, out while allowing easy access through the door. There are several types of mosquito nets for doors:

  1. Sliding Door Screens: These are designed to fit over sliding doors and typically slide along a track, allowing for easy opening and closing without the need for removal.

  2. Hinged Door Screens: Similar to a hinged door, these screens swing open and closed like a regular door. They can be installed alongside or instead of the primary door for insect protection.

  3. Roll-Up Door Screens: These screens can be rolled up or down and are retractable, providing convenience and flexibility for door access.

  4. Magnetic Door Screens: These screens have magnetic closures that allow the screen to open and close easily while effectively keeping insects out.

When choosing a door mosquito net, consider the size and type of your door, the material of the net, ease of installation, and the convenience of use. Look for sturdy construction and fine mesh material that prevents insects from entering while ensuring proper airflow.

You can find door mosquito nets in various home improvement stores, hardware stores, specialized shops dealing with pest control products, or online retailers. Installation methods may vary depending on the specific type of mosquito net you choose, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

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